The Princess and the Fruit Tart

Prompt: Take CinderellaRed Riding Hood, or another favorite and make it your own by adding new characters, a new ending, a new setting, whatever you choose! Make sure your story is no more than 300 words—other than that, anything goes!

The first thought that ran through my head: "What, I'm a princess?!"

For I am most certainly NOT a princess. No glamorous lifestyle, no gigantic castle, no crown, no beautiful, billowing gowns, no maids or chauffeurs or anything.

Of course, on that particular day, it probably seemed as if I was one. But only my parents and I knew the truth. My personal servants were my parents in disguise; the gown was stolen from Cinderella's closet; the crown was made by the Genie, after we forced Aladdin to give up one of his wishes for our cause; the castle was "borrowed" (I won't even tell you from where).

The glamorous lifestyle? All lies. I hate lies.

So when they told me that I was a real princess because I could feel a damn pea through twenty mattresses, I nearly lost it.

Can't you see it, you morons?! I thought. This is all just a ploy to make my family rich! And YOU'RE FALLING FOR IT.

It seems I said all that out loud. Apparently, princesses aren't allowed to call people morons.

The second thought that ran through my head and immediately out of my mouth: "I hate peas. Why can't it be "The Princess and the Fruit Tart"?

Needless to say, I was sent away.

That night when I got home, I made myself a fruit tart, placed it under my mattress, and slept on it. It barely bothered me. Of course, I quickly figured out why they didn't choose to use a fruit tart when I found the flattened, gooey mess the next morning.

Hey, a girl can have dreams of something other than prince charmings and castles, right?