Reflections of a Broken Heart

A collection of poems and lyrics about love and heartbreak.


Love Starts

There’s something in those eyes I can’t escape;
A bright, energetic sparkle that never lies;
An honesty so pure, reflected through an oval shape;
Tangible, yet mysterious and wise.

There’s something in that smile I can’t resist;
A bright, energetic grin that goes on for miles;
A happiness and love for life on lips I’ve kissed;
Tangible, it touches my heart all the while.

There’s something in that heart I can’t explain;
A bright, energetic love that you impart;
With every touch and smile and look and kisses upon me you rain;
with the tangible, there is love;
Within your heart, love starts.

Ibrahim Asad //  Pexels

Ibrahim Asad // Pexels

A Moment

Just for tonight
We’ll lie here together
Stare at the sky
Hold your hand in mine
And breathe it in

Just for tonight
I’ll pretend this is it
That this moment will last
forever and past

Can I just believe that we won’t change,
This moment where my heart’s so strange,
Beating in time with yours
You’re forever mine,
and I’m yours

Garon Piceli //  Pexels

Garon Piceli // Pexels

The Irony of Love

Love is a strange thing
that doesn’t play by the rules

It conquers us unfairly
and leaves us to fend for ourselves
as we try to protect it

We’re its slave
and it’s our master

We feel what it feels
and rarely does it ever feel happy
for it’s often filled with darkness

Ever since the first sin
love is confused with addiction

It’s a strange thing, a feeling
that has no explanation
but lives like a parasite

And as it takes over my own body
I begin to realize

Love has no direction
nor does it have a goal to aim for
Love is just as confused as we are

Love is a strange thing
that doesn’t even love itself

Oh, the irony


Tobi //  Pexels

Tobi // Pexels

Hazy Minds

Hazy minds breed
Hazy thoughts;
Thoughts of forgiveness
And sadness and rage,
Of love and hope, but,
Most of all,
Of confusion.
Twisting through the mist
Like a lost soul,
I stand against it
With hope that
Perhaps even the slightest
Glimmer of light
Will chase the mist away.
But instead,
The light is chased away,
Leaving me to my
Mixed feelings.
And confusion takes over,
Surrounding me with
The haze of deep thought
In my hazy mind,
Forever lost.

sasint //  Pixabay

sasint // Pixabay

In The End

In the end, all I can do is stare
As it all crashes in front me.

What was the point
If nothing came to fruition?
My intuition
Must be getting worse,
Or perhaps never
Existed, but deep within
my own false grin
that I should have realized was fake.

But what difference
Does it honestly make?
You know the stakes
Were always rising higher,
Even as we danced
Obliviously under the moonlight,
Blind in my own right
As it was staring right back at me.

The truth, that is,
Glaring like a neon sign
However, time
Was never on my side.
While it waited
For me to fall and flail
Miserably fail
Like the pathetic woman I was.

In the end, all I can do is stare
At the past that was once mine
But is no more.

In the end, all I can do is hope
For the future that I might not have
My future, no more.

In the end, all I can do is think
About the mistakes,
The aches,
The heartbreaks,
And wish I’d seen it earlier.

But no more.

For better or for worse,
Life as I knew it is over.

And life as in my wildest dreams
Has only just begun