Prompt: Write a short story (300 words or less) that includes at least TWO of the following items:

-a carton of expired milk

-a grand piano

-a man in a mask

-a machete

-a deserted island

-a crossbow

-a lost wallet

"This feels like an episode of LOST."

That was the first thing Carrie said to me. In fact, it was the first thing she'd said to me since I set a wild cougar on her after a freak accident with the machete.

Note to self: NEVER use a machete when you don't know how to use it.

So there we were, tired and utterly lost, beaten and worn like old shoes, as we sat against a palm tree on that godforsaken deserted island. At least, I thought it was deserted. For all we knew, there was a tribe of cannibals roaming around the jungle in search of fresh meat. In search of US. The thought had me shivering.

We had to get out of there. But first thing's first. We needed food, and since the whole cougar thing didn't work out, we were left with a pathetic carton of expired milk.

"Seriously, Carrie," I said, eyeing the carton with disgust, "Why did you bring spoiled milk anyway?"

She sighed. "One of my brother's pranks."

"You don't think he's - "

"Dead?" she finished, not meeting my eyes. Then she shrugged. "Maybe. I didn't see anyone else swim away from the boat like us."

I nodded slowly and looked at the ground, forcing myself to keep calm. "Do you think we'll make it back?"

Carrie didn't answer. She picked up a stick and doodled in the sand. I watched her closely, scrutinizing her expression, but found that her face was as blank as ever. I glanced at her drawings quickly and noticed one doodle in particular.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "I did NOT look like that when I tried to attack that cougar!"

Carrie giggled. "Yeah, you did. I would've thought it was funnier if the cougar didn't chase ME instead."

Suddenly, we both heard a sound from behind us. I quickly grabbed the machete, she grabbed her makeshift crossbow. Our intruder came into view, and we immediately began running.

That cougar was back. Damn cougar.