A Love Letter To My Mountains


Yesterday, I climbed a mountain
Because I had to
Hands bruised, scarred,
Face married with dirt
It hurt

It's the kind of debris
That you see when you
Lie awake at night
When will it end?
When will it begin?
When will I begin?
Or worse,
What if I already have?


Yesterday, I climbed a mountain
Because I was curious
What is it that shapes
The human soul?
Is it a hand of God,
Is it my own mind,
Or are those two parts of a whole?
If it's me, what will I see
When I reach the top?
If it's not, what will God show me
If I don't

But the real question is,
Not why,
But how
I know why I'm here
But the cliff I see is too much
Just a hunch, 
But I bet I'll turn around

Then it's not how, but why
I know how to leave,
But why would I?


Yesterday, I climbed a mountain
Just to say I Could
To prove to even those who believed in me
That they were wrong from the start
They believed in my mind,
I believed in my heart
Why does the world trust a brain
Over the thing that truly keeps us alive?
You could argue both ways,
But a life worth living lies
In one place, 
You see

That's what I believe


I climbed a mountain,
But turns out,
It was only a rock at the base
So where do I go now?
If one rock was so hard,
Can I face

Of course!

I know I keep turning my back, but today is the present
If I don't move forward, how will I know what the past meant?
I was given a dream to follow
So here I am, mountain,
Here I am!
Body, mind, heart, and soul

Here I am,



Here I go.








What now?







What next?












Yesterday, I climbed a mountain
Today, I'll climb another
Stack my conquered rocks on top of each other
And I'll be taller than any mountain that thinks itself tall
So when I reach the top,
I'll know how I got there
I'll know why I didn't fall,
This time


I'll know to be thankful
For me
For the believers
For the non-believers too
And for my heart
That never let me down
My heart
That always called out to me,

"Climb that mountain.
Keep climbing.
Do it again.
Even if you fall now,
You won't regret it
When you reach the end."

Today, I am climbing a mountain.


Tomorrow, I will climb another.


The One Who Climbs Mountains